The U.S. 30% Club launched in June 2014 with a goal of achieving 30% female directors on S&P 100 boards by 2020. Surpassing our goal, as of March 2021 30.47% of S&P 100 board directors are women, up from 20.2% at launch. Additionally, all S&P 100 boards have at least one female director. Even more encouraging, the U.S. membership has achieved an average of 33.70% women on their boards, up from 21.7% when it launched – a testament to what business leaders are able to achieve when they commit to driving change.


While we’ve achieved our target representation of female directors on S&P 100 boards, there is still much work to be done in boardrooms across the country, with S&P 500 numbers moving at a glacial pace.



  • Founding Chairman

    Members image

    Peter Grauer


    Bloomberg LP

  • Listed Company

    Members image

    John Abularrage

    CEO, Americas


  • Executive Search

    Members image

    Karl Alleman

    U.S. Managing Partner

    Egon Zehnder

  • Professional Service Firm

    Members image

    Bob Bechek

    Worldwide Managing Director

    Bain & Co.

  • Professional Service Firm

    Members image

    Wayne Berson


    Global Chairman, BDO

  • Law Firm

    Members image

    Michael Blair

    Presiding Partner


  • Law Firm

    Members image

    Scott Brandman

    Co-Managing Partner NY

    Baker McKenzie

  • Law Firm

    Members image

    Michael Brock

    US COO



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